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TiO2 is our one of a kind multi-photocatalyst. It is safe for humans and safe for the environment. Its efficient photo-activity makes it a powerful disinfectant and defendant against harmful pathogens.

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The Absolute Purifying Hand Gel has a pH level of 6 -7 to gently protect your skin’s natural balance and prevent over-drying. The Absolute Purifying Spray has a very alkaline pH level of 7 - 8 that gently sanitizes the hands and its surrounding surfaces.

Yes! All BeKlyn products are safe for children to use under proper instruction and adult supervision. Outside of active use, please keep all BeKlyn products out of reach as an additional precaution.

Yes. Our skin-safe formulations are alcohol-free and only use the essentials to ward off bacteria and keep you, and your growing family, safe.

BeKlyn products undergo rigorous antimicrobial testing to ensure reliable, consistent protection. A strict micro-examination process assesses the impact of TiO2 and its efficiency when eliminating cultures of microorganisms.

Yes, BeKlyn is FDA registered and approved. BeKlyn products are regulated under the FDA as an Over-the-Counter (OTC) drug used for hand sanitizing and disinfection. All BeKlyn products are listed in the National Drug Code (NDC) Directory:

BeKlyn Absolute Purifying Hand Sanitizing Wipes 30 sheets NDC: 71544-0013-1 BeKlyn Absolute Purifying Hand Sanitizing Gel 300ml NDC: 71544-0004-1 BeKlyn Absolute Purifying Hand Sanitizing Gel 60ml NDC: 71544-0003-1 BeKlyn Absolute Purifying Hand Sanitizing Spray 300ml NDC: 71544-0002-1 BeKlyn Absolute Purifying Hand Sanitizing Spray 60ml NDC: 71544-0001-1

Please store all BeKlyn products in a cool place away from direct sunlight.

Our unique multi-photocatalyst is one of only two in the whole world that uses oxygen and an energy source, along with a semiconductor material, to break down pollutants, pathogens, and bacteria without the use of alcohol for a gentle and secure experience you can always depend on.

Our skin-safe formulations and multi-photocatalyst only use oxygen and light energy to kill harmful pathogens and bacteria on contact. Should you find your skin reacting negatively to the product, immediately stop use and contact your local physician.

All BeKLYN products are free of Benzalkonium Chloride. Any concentration of Benzalkonium Chloride higher than about 0.1% is toxic to humans. While Benzalkonium Chloride is used in a number of first aid products at a safe concentration to disinfect and sterilize, Benzalkonium Chloride is only able to eliminate some bacteria, and repress growth and reproduction for others. Research also shows that sanitizers formulated with Benzalkonium Chloride may not be consistently effective against certain harmful organisms like ‘non-enveloped’ viruses. Beklyn’s formula is designed to eliminate disease causing organisms, killing off both bacteria and viruses using the photocatalytic activity of TiO2. The oxidation reaction during photocatalysis produces free-radicals that damage the vital functions of bacteria and viruses, killing the microorganisms.

All BeKlyn products expire 36 months after first use.

The particles visible in the Absolute Purifying Hand Spray are safe. The particles are part of our special TiO2 multi-photocatalyst and provide a deeper and safer cleanse for your home and hands. They are trace minerals extracted from purified water that activate upon contact. The trace minerals are potassium, manganese, sodium, magnesium, and calcium ions.

Our BeKlyn Absolute Purifying Line kills 99% of harmful pathogens within 15 seconds including E.Coli, Pneumococcus, Pyogenic Bacillus, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, among many other harmful bacteria.

The sanitizing effect lasts 15 seconds after application.