Cleans, disinfects, & deodorizes hard, nonporous surfaces — no rinsing required.
BeKLYN Absolute Purifying Sanitizers are powerful disinfectant made to defend against harmful organisms using TiO2 photocatalysis activity. 
It is a convenient solution that sanitizes and deodorizes without the use of alcohol for a worry-free companion free of toxic chemicals and pollutants.
How Our Multi-Photocatalysis Technology Works
Oxygen anions from TiOH react and absorb ambient H2O in the air Formulation of -OH radicals ('electronholes') are created from Oxygen & H2O reaction -OH radicals react with pollutants an dsterilizes air tore form non-toxic CO2 + H20 TiOH reacts with new oxygen compoundsto release additional -OH radicals and form TiO2 -OH emissions repeats sterilization efforts to kill bacteria and germs
Absolute Purifying Spray kills 99% of bacteria on contact in 15 seconds.
*when used as directed, Absolute Purifying Spray is effective against bacteria and viruses including Ammonia, Trimethylamin, Acetic acid, E.Coli, Pneumococcus, Pyogenic Bacillus and Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, etc.
Sanitizes both hard & soft surfaces against bacteria.
Use on a variety of hard, non-food-contact and soft surfaces, including washable fabric, plastic, upholstery, painted wood, painted surfaces, vinyl, stainless steel, aluminum, glazed ceramic, sealed granite and marble.
Our skin-safe formulations are alcohol-free and only use the essentials to ward off bacteria and keep you, and your growing family, safe.
BeKlyn™ Titanium Dioxide
based Sanitizers
Alcohol based
benzalkonium chloride
based Sanitizers
Kills 99% of bacteria
Dry Skin and Risk of Infection
Fire Hazard
Chemical Toxicity