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Absolute Purifying Pet Spray
Absolute Purifying Pet Spray

Absolute Purifying Pet Spray


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It’s no surprise that our beloved friends and their favorite spaces can become vulnerable to unpleasant odor and unwanted microorganisms. Pets can easily invite smells onto fabrics or hard surfaces inside the home from both indoor and outdoor activity.


Eliminate those lingering odors and harmful microorganisms with the Absolute Purifying Pet Spray. This mild, non-alcohol spray uses multi-photocatalysis technology to remove bacteria, viruses and odor-causing particles. The formula uses the natural cleaning ability of TiO2 to gently purify, deodorize and disinfect your pet’s most loved spaces.


Feel relaxed knowing that your pet and family are in good care, and that your home is kept safe and free of toxic chemicals. The Absolute Purifying Pet Spray breaks down pollutants to freshen up furniture, carpet, fabrics, and hard surfaces instead of masking foul scents. This gentle spray is safe to cancel out smells on and around pet beds, blankets, linens, and litter boxes.

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